Thursday, April 26, 2012

~*~ Teenage Angst ~*~

You know what I'm fucking sick of?
I'm fucking sick of fake people, "liking" people generally based on the fact that you perceive is "better" than another, honestly..

The idea that there are people you can and can’t interact with while in school is something that a lot of people buy into. But now I see this as unnecessarily limiting myself. The people you interact with on a regular basis are important for your own learning and development. You learn that there are people who see the world differently than the way you do. There are people who like things that you don’t. There are people who make you think about something or see something in a way that you never had before. This is not only interesting, but enjoyable.

Why not get over yourself, and do something that'll benefit yourself?
The desire to fit in and be like everyone else is difficult to go against. It’s scary to think that you might be ridiculed or ostracized for something that is uniquely you. It often seems safer just to look and act like everyone else. Honestly, "fitting in" won't make you "unique" and more interesting.

Although, it might not depend on how many friends you have, it's who you're friends with - I barely have friends at my school now, and I say this happily, that I have Jack, Mitch, Tom, Santiago, Tarryn and Chloe etc. And a few people in my class, and honestly, no more stupid drama and lies, it's honestly so much better.

fffffffuck you all

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I can be your china doll if you want to see me fall

nice house songs i found on youtube because i do shitall at school now.. Mmm not good

I also have found new love for Lana Del Rey, she's so different, its nice to not hear Lady Gaga on shit Malaysian MTV or radio,

So for my holidays, I went to Australia for a bit, which it could of lasted longer, it was soo nice! Perfect weather and whatnot, red rooster, urrargh I miss it so much. Plus so many people in this shit hole KL are so.. distasteful?

Merely little followers to whoever is the most "popular" or "best looking", obviously I will never be any of these, but its such a good thing I got out of it.. It's sickening